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CPD Qualification Hours: 6

Cost: £425+VAT, $550, €500
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It is best practice to ensure you have all of your processes listed and documented. If you haven’t done this or know you need to update what you have and want to follow best practice, then this is the course for you.

During the course we will cover what should be mapped, how and to what level of detail. We will go through utilising a tool such as Visio to do a process flow, excel RASCI matric and local work instructions. We will also discuss the importance of the best way to begin, who should carry out the tasks and walking through your documents. Finally, we will look at the importance of keeping the information up to date and assigning responsibility for maintenance.

You should come away from this course understanding:

    • The end to end task of process mapping
    • Brown paper exercise
    • Utilising SMEs and engaging stakeholders
    • Process flows with swim lanes
    • RASCI matrix utilisation
    • Local work instructions
    • Walking through your process
    • Opportunity for improvement
    • Maintenance of document
    • Other uses for your document

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