Press Release 30th March 2015 – The Global Payroll Association

The new Global Payroll Association (GPA) is pleased to announce that it will be partnering with Payroll Alliance and promoting its professional qualification, the Advanced Diploma in Payroll Management.

The GPA, which endorses the training and career development of payroll professionals around the world, will back the course on its website, in press releases and via their training brochure. Bringing payroll professionals together and helping them achieve their professional goals is high on the GPA agenda.

Payroll Alliance, part of LexisNexis, offers membership, qualifications and training providing a wide range of topical, informative and highly practical courses. Industry experts, who have many years of practical experience and excellent payroll knowledge, deliver the courses.

Melanie Pizzey, CEO of the GPA comments: “We are thrilled to work alongside the Payroll Alliance. Their extensive experience in delivering payroll-related training and qualifications will be a great asset to the new Global Payroll Association. Never before has there been a global payroll association where professionals from all over the globe are catered for with such a wide range of services and resources – from online training to webinars and a direct channel to fellow international professionals. We are looking forward to satisfying the payroll needs of our new corporate and individual members and filling an important gap in the global payroll market with Payroll Alliance as our partners.”

Linda Pullan, head of Payroll Alliance comments: “Payroll Alliance is delighted to partner with the Global Payroll Association. The GPA provides an invaluable resource to fellow payroll professionals around the world. More and more organisations are operating payrolls across multiple countries, so finding out information on overseas tax rules, benefits and so forth is critical. Payroll Alliance offers GPA members access to a wide range of online UK specific payroll qualifications. Our Advanced Diploma in Payroll Management is a two-year course, which provides online access to course materials, lectures, forums and student workshops, so ideal for students overseas. The qualification is achieved through study and the submission of assignments. All of our payroll qualifications are accredited by Edexcel and nationally recognised.”

The advanced diploma consists of five modules covering topics from organisation and operating payroll to financial and office management. The course is ideal for global candidates who can take the course online.

Candidates can sign up for the diploma via the Global Payroll Association website and at

For further information please contact: Billie Eadie / (0)203 751 1510

Notes to editors

About the Global Payroll Association

The Global Payroll Association is the first international payroll association of its kind. It is a central hub for ‘all-things payroll’ and one-stop-shop supplying comprehensive directories, interactive training and in-depth country resources. It is here to help payroll and HR professionals with their international payroll needs, no matter how complex, connecting them with the world’s leading experts and offering a forum to network with other like-minded global professionals. The Global Payroll Association welcomes international payroll, HR and financial professionals of all levels.

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