Payroll Alliance- Advanced Diploma in Payroll Management

Cost: £2,390 + VAT, $3,628, €3,118

(Payroll Alliance members qualify for a 10% discount)
Your fees for each of these courses will also include paper study materials, audio visual lectures, an online report writing course, free weekday workshops and more.

CPD Qualification Hours: Distance learning

This diploma covers the key skills necessary for operating a modern payroll. These skills range from understanding the fundamentals of manual calculations, payroll procedures, completing the tax year, through to business continuity plans, streamlining the payroll operation and evaluating a payroll system.

Course Content:
• Module 1 – Organization and operating the payroll
• Module 2 – Lawful and statutory deductions and payroll legislation
• Module 3 – Managing the payroll procedures and liabilities
• Module 4 – Best practice payroll management
• Module 5 – Financial and office management

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