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Purely Global Issue 4 cover

September 2017

Is global payroll doomed?

Welcome to the September issue of the Global Payroll Association magazine. This month, we’re taking a slightly philosophical bent and so are exploring a number of key issues that are starting to make themselves felt in the industry today.

To kick things off, our cover story by Jan Van Mol at SD Worx is looking at the heady issue of whether an apparent backlash against globalisation could spell the end for global payroll too. He also has some interesting points to make on the age-old global versus local debate, but find out more for yourself here.

Another contentious matter for 2017 relates to automation, particularly in the form of artificial intelligence and what this technology is likely to mean for all of our jobs. Paul Bartlett at CloudPay evaluates which kind of payroll tasks and roles are likely to end up being undertaken by robots and which are likely to remain firmly in the human domain – as well as how to ensure your job isn’t one of them on the list to be axed.


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