An overview of payroll in Luxembourg

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An overview of payroll in Luxembourg

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Like many European countries Luxembourg uses collective labour agreements as part of the employment law. Alongside these agreements there are the expected payments for maternity, adoption and parental leave as well as annual leave, public holidays plus detailed working time agreements and regulations governing overtime payments.

Having attended this course delegates will have confidence that they understand the fundamentals of payroll processing in Luxembourg, are clear about employer obligations including those for Luxembourg residents and non-residents, know what they need to do on a periodic and annual basis, can answer employee queries and check payslips.

Even if payrolls are outsourced it is still the employers responsibility to ensure all obligations are met and that income tax and social security are correctly processed. This course not only gives you the information you need to be compliant but also ensures you know exactly what information should be given to a payroll provider and the various tasks they should be completing on your behalf.

The course includes:

• Country overview
• Business culture
• Work permits
• Income tax including:
o Tax cards
o Tax deductions
o Non tax residents
o Tax rates
o Special expenses
o Paying over the tax
o Annual returns
• Social security insurances
o Coverage and contributions
o Reporting and deductions
• Starters
• Leavers
• Minimum wage
• Indexation of salaries
• Benefits in kind including:
o Accommodation
o Company cars
o Mileage for use of private/own cars
o Business expenses
• Employment law including:
o Collective labour agreements
o Working time
o Overtime
o Leave register
o Medical appointments
o Annual leave
o Sick leave
o Maternity leave and pay
o Adoption leave
o Parental leave
o Leave for family reasons
o Family hospice leave
o Other types of leave
• Deductions from pay, voluntary deductions and court orders
• Data retention
• Payslips

Delegates will also receive details of links to useful websites, and online access to resources on the GPA website.

There are limited spaces so please register early to avoid disappointment.

Course Dates

23rd February 2018 – London
18th 19th 20th June 2018 – Virtual Learning
24th September 2018 – London

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